Concrete Law

During my US Government class today, we were reading about a sentence given to a 13 year old boy, who had committed armed robbery and assault. He had shot an elderly lady in the face, it was not fatal. The boy's appointed lawyer recommended to plea guilty as he would receive 15 years in prison, but instead he received life with no parole.

What jumped out to me in this case was the fact that it was not only just this judge, but all judges in Florida gave the same child (based on race and age) a similar sentence of life without parole. This means that most children near the age of 13 and who were either black or latino received the same or similar sentence.

A lot of debate in this class arose from the situational aspects of the case. Was the boy peer pressured? Does he have a family? A father figure? So many things could affect the sentence of this case based on not only his background but his surroundings and setting.

I then started to contemplate a concrete, immutable justice system that took into account situational aspects of the case. An example would be inputting case information and receiving a sentence from a computer. Certain aspects like mental health, age, and more would be accounted for, BUT NOT RACE. This is important because people seem to think that the justice system is out for minorities, and just to get rid of that things that are out of control of the perpetrator. If the perpetrator is young, reduce the sentence by a tiny bit, if they are in good mental health, don't reduce it at all.

This would work in the sense that each base crime has a set amount of years of type of punishment, and aspects about the person or case can reduce the sentence. This would be equally fair, as it is to be decided upon by a majority of the people, rather than a set group. (You know those content shows on T.V that let you vote on your phone, like Dancing with the Stars or something? Maybe something like that. It's a little far-fetched, but thats how it would be equal.)

Thinking about that, I need to think of a counter for those who argue that a large majority of the population would have some sort of bias towards things like sexuality, however I feel like my system would not account for things like sexuality, age and more. I don't want to ramble here, but I want to know if there are any issues with this system? Who could turn it? What would be 'un-fair' in this sense? Please email and or message me on Facebook, as I feel like something about my idea is wrong. Why can't I find a loophole or kink in my idea? Is it too troublesome to replace? What about z-sex bathrooms? This is the perfect era to change the system.