IntellIJ Idea's "New Project" dialog not opening for you?

If IntellIJ Idea's 'New Project' dialog is not opening for you, nor is the 'New Module' dialog, your issue is simple. You must have disabled tbe Gradle plugin during installation. To remedy this: simply re-enable the gradle plugin.

If you want to learn more about how I came to this conclusion, continue reading!

Initially, I reinstalled Windows 10 and got ready for a new experience. Who doesn't love reinstalling an OS and de-bloating it? (/s) Anyways, I had a project due and I needed to program something, and normally I use an online code editor because I'm lazy, but during the process of install IntellIJ Idea (my beloved IDE for java/kotlin/rust) I remembered that disabling a lot of plugins can help with performance, and with how much I loved that 0ms latency typing & completion, I disabled all the plugins I KNEW I wouldn't use. The list of plugins I uninstalled included Gradle, because honestly who uses it? I only use Maven for my projects and even then it's just a dependency manager, I rely on Idea for my build process anyways. Disabling this broke my 'New Project' dialog. Searching around for two days I found nothing. Asking friends who used IDEA turned up nothing. Even the knowledge base and issue tracker showed nothing. Being the developer I am however, I knew there was a log somewhere that was displaying the error that occurred when trying to create that dialog, and to my surprise it was easy to spot. In the help menu bar of the section there is an item to show the log file in the explorer. Opening that log file up we are presented with a TON of stacktraces leading to a missing class with gradle in the name, and knowing that Gradle is disabled I re-enabled it and voila! It works!